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Blue Bandit

ASDR Blue Merle Mini Aussie - 21 lbs - Blue Eyes
***EMBARK DNA tested clear of 180 Genetic Health Problems***

Bandit is an incredibly sweet and wonderful boy whom we're so blessed to have!

At only 21 lbs, he's easy to take with me everywhere, while still being big enough to do big dog things like jogging, hiking, horse riding, camping, etc...  Genetically he has a lot of standard Australian Shepherd in him, and so he doesn't have any annoying "small dog" traits like I've see some really small Mini Aussies have. :P He's the perfect size, and even more importantly, he's has the perfect family dog personality. He does really well with kids and other animals and is a joy to have around.

He is the type of dog that wants to be with me, so no leash necessary when we're out and about!

He is very intelligent and trainable and has a submissive, obedient personality.

On top of all that, his colors are beautiful.

He carries the gene to produce blue eyes, even in his non-merle pups,

as well as the gene to produce the rare blue color (like our female, Blueberry).

Gotta Love Bandit!!

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Click Here to watch Bandit's playlist on Youtube!

(Bandit does carry MDR1 & HSF4, genetics extremely common in his breed, but he's just a

carrier and it doesn't effect his health. All of our females are clear of everything!) 

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