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 Day Family

We are the Day family! We live in a beautiful mountain community bordering blm and Forrest service land, which equates to a picturesque environment well-suited for raising our stunning Mini Border Aussies!

Our dogs are very loved members of our family whom we play with, train and hike with daily!


We each have a long history living with and loving animals since our youth - and along with our kids, this is what we do! It's a true family operation and not just a hobby for us, it is our passion and family lifestyle. We don't do this to compete in shows and earn accolades, but to raise high quality animals that bring years of joy, entertainment and companionship to their owners. Why? Because we love animals, and enjoy sharing them with others.

When you adopt your next pet from us, you can rest assured that your pet has been bred and raised with love! 

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