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About Our Mini Border Aussies

Firstly, the Mini Border Aussie is a very special cross between Border Collies and Mini Aussies.

Border Collies are known as the world's most intelligent, trainable breed - and they are! They are very loyal, playful and live to play fetch, Frisbee, agility and go for hikes, runs, camping, etc...   They remember patterns and know when to do which activity, including cuddling and down time (particularily our Border Collies we specifically chose because they have good "off switches").

However, don't expect much cuddling if there is a job (activity) to be done!

The Mini Aussie is intelligent as well. An exceptional companion, versatile and easily trained, they perform tasks with great style and enthusiasm. With family they are protective, good-natured, devoted and loyal. I found them to be less interested in toys and games in general, and much more interested in cuddling. Ours would cuddle with us ALL DAY if we'd let them! Due to their small size, they make excellent children's playmates!

Crossing these breeds produces a dog with a very balanced temperament - playful, hard working and trainable, yet also very cuddly and loyal. Both breeds contribute to their amazing family dog temperaments. Also, the size is what we consider perfect! Big enough to do big dog things, but small enough to easily take with you everywhere!

What sets our Mini Border Aussies apart from the rest, besides the excellent temperaments found in our breeding dogs - are our amazing and rare colors!  We specialize in both blue merle and the very rare solid blue color, we also have stunning blacks and tris - and have lots of beautiful blue eyes on all the colors (not just merles)!

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